Paul Calnan

October 2014

QuickTime Screen Recording of a Single Window

August 2014

TextExpander Code Snippets for Objective-C

Objective-C Block Syntax Examples

March 2014

Xcode Git Status with AppleScript

Closing Tweetbot Image Windows using AppleScript

Refreshing Xcode Provisioning Profiles with AppleScript

October 2013

Disabling Autocorrect in Skype

September 2013

TextExpander HTML Entities for OS X Modifier Keys

Using Aereo on OS X with QuickTime and Keyboard Maestro

Changing Safari's User Agent with Keyboard Maestro

August 2013

Changing Blogging Engines: Pelican

Pause When Dialing a Skype Number

Editing Property Lists in a Text Editor

Copy to Pasteboard from a Remote Machine

Python Line Numbers

April 2013

Exchange to iCloud Calendar Sync

March 2013

Resetting Kindle Reading Rate Estimates

February 2013

Bash PS1

January 2013

Automator Service for Tracking Deliveries

Dropbox Updater for OS X

New Blogging Setup

TextExpander, the Pasteboard, and Unix Pipelines

August 2012

SVN Diffs in FileMerge

TextExpander Date Arithmetic

Diff with a Remote File

Automated OS X Address Book Backup

Generating Tuples from a List of Dicts

Cleaning up after Microsoft Outlook

Adding Unread Skype Message Count to the OS X Menu Bar

Pretty-Print JSON

A New Beginning