Paul Calnan
Published January 28, 2013

My blog posts come pretty intermittently. I most recently tried using an Octopress blog hosted at Heroku for a while. I got it set up, made a handful of posts over about a week, and then stopped.

Recently, I had a few blog ideas and went back to try to make some more posts. I'm not sure what I did, but over the past five months, I managed to break my setup. My familiarity with Ruby is pretty limited, so I couldn't easily diagnose the issue.

So, I started looking at some of other static blogging setups that are comparable to Octopress. Pelican was my first choice, as I do a lot of Python development for my day job. The setup was fairly easy, but the output looked bad. I couldn't find a Pelican theme that didn't look awful.

After that, I took a look at Calepin and Scriptogram. Both are static blogging engines powered by Dropbox. I liked them both, but neither were exactly what I was looking for.

I had been considering buying a copy of VoodooPad from Flying Meat for a while now. I like the idea of keeping my notes in a wiki format. When I found out that static blogging was recently added, I thought I'd give it a try.

I really liked what I saw. It's convenient enough, fits my workflow, supports Markdown, and gives me enough flexibility in page generation. So, I bought a license and will see how it goes.

I post a lot of code samples, and I wanted decent syntax highlighting in the generated pages. Adding Highlight.js was pretty simple.

As for hosting, I decided to give Github Pages a try. After some confusion about user and project pages, I got it up and running.

So far, so good.