Paul Calnan
Published September 22, 2013

In writing my recent posts on Keyboard Maestro, I made some new TextExpander snippets for typing Mac modifier keys. In the table below, typing the Symbol Abbreviation results in the Symbol being inserted; typing the HTML Entity Abbreviation results in the HTML Entry being inserted.

Name Symbol HTML Entity Symbol Abbreviation HTML Entity Abbreviation
Alt (Option) ⌥ ;alt ;halt
Backspace ⌫ ;backspace ;hbackspace
Caps Lock ⇪ ;caps ;hcaps
Command ⌘ ;cmd ;hcmd
Enter ⏎ ;enter ;henter
Escape ⎋ ;esc ;hesc
Shift ⇧ ;shift ;hshift

I previously just had the symbol abbreviations set. This caused some encoding problems in my posts. Rather than try to figure those out, I added the HTML Entity abbreviations. These should appear regardless of the encoding of the final document.