Paul Calnan

About Me

My name is Paul Calnan. I am a software developer living in the Boston area. I founded and currently work for Anodized Software, a consulting company specializing in mobile software development.

I started this website to serve as a repository for interesting things that I have learned and figured out. I used to keep this stuff in nvALT. Posting to a blog allows me to share the information in the hope that someone else might find it useful.

Although the site doesn't support comments, I'm interested in hearing feedback on my posts. I am @_pwc3 on Twitter. Questions and constructive comments are always welcome.

About this Site

The site is generated using Pelican. It uses a custom template that I designed to replicate VoodooPad's Static Publishing layout (which is how I used to generate the site). It is hosted on Github Pages. I write all of my posts in Markdown.